StudiumBachelor / Master Wirtschaftwissenschaft
Seminar: Innovation Management (378082)


General Characteristics
TitelSeminar: Innovation Management   
Course Number 378082   
Semester WiSe 2022/23
Course Frequency Each winter term 
Content This course provides advanced insights on selected phenomena of Innovation Management such as business model innovation, open innovation, artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, and eco-innovation. The participants will have the opportunity to address a research question conceptually working with existing literature on the topic. In their seminar essay and presentation, students will present their research findings in written and oral form. Beyond that, they will critically and constructively discuss the essay of a fellow student.
Target Group    

Master Wirtschaftswissenschaften (PO 2018): Major / Minor Area Strategic Management
Master Wirtschaftsingenieur (PO 2018): Ökonomische Area Strategic Management    

Number of Participants 20
Language English
ScheduleBlock course

Preparation of Essay 

December / January 
Requirements and Support
Course Objectives

After participating in the course, students will be able to

  1. distinctively identify a research question
  2. critically and systematically review literature related to that research question
  3. write and present a short research paper
  4. critically reflect on the work of other students     
Required Pre-Qualifications

(1) Solid command of English
(2) Basic knowledge of Innovation Management
(3) Active participation during sessions
(4) Willingness to engage in comprehensive literature research    

Support Course Scientific Work None
Formal Guidelines  Template Seminar Essay    
General Literature

References to basic literature will be provided in the first session

Basic Literature Yes
Methodology The course is focused on conceptual work on the basis of literature reviews and reflective and structured analysis of concepts and empirical studies.
Software for Statistics None
Software for Writing    Word, Zotero
Essay Length     Up to 15 pages all in (title page; body of text, tables, figures, references)
Consultations One meeting minimum, up to three meetings
Examination Components  Seminar essay (70%), presentation (20%), discussion (10%)
Examiner Prof. Dr. Johann Nils Foege
Contact Prof. Dr. Johann Nils Foege
Group Work & Topic Assignment
Group WorkYes
Group Sizemax. 3
Group Arrangement Randomly assigned 
Topicsbusiness model innovation, open innovation, artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing, and eco-innovation 
Topic Assignment  Topics will be assigned by preference in the first session   
Type of Pre-Registration Online form (Link available from 1 September 2022 to 15 September 2022)
Pre-Registration Between 1 September 2022 and 15 September 2022 
Topic Presentation Within the first two weeks of the term
Topic Assignment Within the first two weeks of the term
Binding Registration Within the first two weeks of the term
Start Working Phase Within the first two weeks of the term
Deadline Essay     21.01.2023
Deadline Presentation  Calendar Week 49
Presentation tbd, link will be provided

Pre-Registration Form

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